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About Us

We are the one-stop solution for all the requirements in Travel and  Event Management sectors. The company “Brindhaavan Holidays & Events”  came into inception with a dedicated group of qualified people who believes  quality of service is the wealth of an industry as well as the company. We do our  best to see the customer spend and enjoy their Tour or Event with peace of mind  and our intention is to make their time as a memorable moment in their life. Our  ambitious venture into this domain is backed by a strong knowledge, experience  and enthusiasm, which sets us apart from other Travel Agents in Tirupati.

To become a preferred and leading company providing quality,  creative, innovative, competitive and social responsible services in Travel and  Events sectors as provides decent and quality of service with in a budget of all  classes.

Offering a world class professional service by using our knowledge and  experience with latest updates of the Industry. We develop the strategies and  plans to meet client’s requirements and make them happy and make their tour or  event memorable moment in their life.

To provide a quality of service for the people who are visiting Tirupati and travelling other destinations in India/ Abroad in a professional way. As well as provide hassle free service in Event management sector with an affordable price. 

How we are Different?

Brindhaavan Holidays & Events is a one stop for all kind travel requirements. We provide all sorts of travel requirements to the travelers who are willing to travel in India and aboard as well. We are well-versed with all the aspects of this industry and thus our team can be relied upon for having your needs fulfilled. All our communication channels are readily available for exchange of information between client and us.

           We suggest more options on customer selected destinations with affordable price in various categories. We do not believe in manipulating the clients into buying things they don’t actually require, we clearly explain to our clients about the destination and what kind of service they suppose to book in advance and what other service can be purchase directly. Our information and guidance would be fair and based towards your interests. We are open to criticism and wherever justified, we also compensate you for the inconvenience caused.

We respect your hard work to earn money. We believe in delivering value added services to our clients and providing them with the most comfortable accommodations and journeys. Our services and tour packages can be availed by budgeted as well as luxury-seeking travelers. But we make sure that what you get is more than what you spend.

         Our executives are friendly to the customers, we are well-versed with all the aspects of this industry and thus our team can be relied upon for having your needs fulfilled. Our team will be available by phone all the time to serve or guide our clients.

The motive behind our services is to genuinely help the travelers with all the arrangements in order to make their tours hassle-free. Any feedback from them, whether positive or negative drives us towards improvement of our services.

We are committed to fulfill the needs of our clients at any cost. Our team will be touch with the customer to know their feedback about services at various destinations on their entire journey. We respect their feedback whether it is positive or negative and we look forward to improve our services.      

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